Trip to Himachal Pradesh

We drove during this one week trip from Delhi to Chandigarh then onwards to JoginderNagar, Barot, Parashar Lake, Kullu, Manali and across the Rohtang pass. The 185 km drive from Chandigarh takes you to Mandi. From Mandi it is a 60 km drive up hill to Joginder Nagar which is not very well known as […]

A trip to Majuli, Assam

Majuli is the largest river island in the world situated in the Bramaputra river. It covers an area of almost 1200 square which shrinks to almost 1000 sq kms during the monsoons when the river floods the low lying areas. The inhabitants are Neovashinte which is a form of Hinduism focused on worshiping Lord Krishna. […]

Trip to Alang, Diu and Gir Forest

Drove 3000 kms (round trip) from Delhi to Diu via Alang and Gir Forest. Alang was particularly interesting.┬áIt has the largest ship breaking yard in the world that stretches almost 40 mks on the Gujarat coastline. Ships from all over the world are manually broken down and sold as scrap. Enjoyed the Diu festival and […]